Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Portfolio Overview

Hong Kong
  • HIT
  • ACT
  • Yantian Phases I & II
  • Yantian Phase III and Yantian Phase III Expansion
  • West Port Phases I & II
  • HICT
  • HPH Trust river ports

HIT is one of the key assets of HPH Trust. it was established in 1969 and was diversified from the century-old Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company. Read More >

HPH Trust has 50% interest in COSCO-HIT, which is located at Terminal 8 East in Hong Kong's Kwai Tsing Port. Read More >

ACT is located at Terminal 8 West in Hong Kong's Kwai Tsing Port. The terminal has two berths with a quay length of 740 meters and a depth alongside of 15.5 meters. Read More >

Yantian, a joint venture between HPH and Shenzhen Yantian Port Group(YPG), commenced operations in mid-1994. Read More >

The Port of Huizhou is a natural coastal port located in Guangdong. Read More >

Nanhai Terminal
Nahnai Terminal commenced operations in 1994. It is located in the Sanshan Port Economic Development Zone, which is in the Nanhai Area of Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Read More >

Jiangmen Terminal
Jiangmen Terminal lies close to the Jiangmen High and New Technology Development Zone on the Xijiang River, approximately 53 nautical miles upstream from Macau and 99 nautical miles from Hong Kong. Read More >

Deep-water Container Ports

Kwai Tsing, Hong Kong

Shenzhen, China

(an affiliated company of Yantian)

River Ports

Ancillary Services

APS is mainly engaged in port ancillary services with shipping lines as major customers.
Hutchison Logistics and SHICD are engaged in freight forwarding, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution services, with shippers and consignees.
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