Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Hutchison Port Holdings Management Pte. Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison, is the Trustee-Manager. The Trustee-Manager aims to provide Unitholders with stable and regular distributions as well as long-term DPU growth.

Reporting Structure:
Hutchison Port Holdings Management Pte. Limited

(incorporated in the Republic of Singapore with limited liability)

Board of Directors
  • Mr. FOK Kin Ning, Canning (Chairman and Non-executive Director)
  • Mr. IP Sing Chi (Executive Director)
  • Ms. Edith SHIH (Non-executive Director)
  • Ms. LEE Tung Wan, Diana (Non-executive Director)
  • Mr. CHAN Tze Leung, Robert (Independent Non-executive Director)
  • Mr. Graeme Allan JACK (Independent Non-executive Director)
  • Mrs. SNG Sow-Mei (alias POON Sow Mei) (Independent Non-executive Director & Lead Independent Director)
  • Dr. FONG Chi Wai, Alex (Independent Non-executive Director)
  • Mr. WONG Kwai Lam (Independent Non-executive Director)
Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Ivor CHOW
Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. NG Chi Kit, Jimmy

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