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HPH Trust undertakes various activities throughout the year to foster strong and dynamic professional relationships with different stakeholder groups, which include unitholders, customers, suppliers, financial institutions and employees. We are committed to ensuring effective and transparent stakeholder interactions; to better addressing and understanding specific stakeholder concerns; and to making business decisions that create the most sustainable value for all.

1.1 Unitholders

Investor communication is an instrumental aspect of our operations. We actively engage with unitholders and the financial and investor communities during the year through quarterly financial updates, results briefings, global non-deal roadshows, industry conferences and various investor outreach events.

1.2 Customers

We are proud to count all of the world's top carriers among our customers. In the face of increasing operational complexities and industry developments, we strive to deliver the best customer service, and to remain a trusted business partner to our customers.

US-themed cocktail reception
February 2016: Yantian hosted a cocktail reception themed "Gateway to the US" for about 200 cargo owners, freight forwarders and warehousing enterprises. HPH Trust CEO Gerry Yim and Yantian Managing Director Patrick Lam shared insights and status on the latest port facility upgrades, and other projects in the pipeline designed to increase operating efficiency.

Sponsorship for Retail Supply Chain Conference 2016
February 2016: HPH Trust attended the Retail Supply Chain Conference 2016 in Dallas, Texas, as a Gold Sponsor. The four-day event brought together top executives from all aspects of the retail supply chain, from logistics and distribution to transportation, ports and technology providers. At the conference, the Trust was able to directly engage with the attendees to better understand their needs and explore the way that it could work more closely with them.

HIT luncheons
April/June 2016: HIT hosted a luncheon titled "Your Preferred Barge Complex in South China" for barge operators in April 2016, and another themed "Riding the Waves of Change" for shipping lines in June 2016. The events allowed HIT to highlight its new service offerings and initiatives to better support its customers. HIT has been increasing its ability to support South China hinterland cargoes, boosting operational excellence in service delivery to customers, upgrading infrastructure to accommodate customers' changing needs, and extending its reach to customers to develop business opportunities.

Annual customer communication session

June 2016: Yantian conducted its annual customer communication session, themed "Yantian, the Gateway to the World", for around 220 guests. Cargo owners, freight forwarders and representatives from shipping lines and related government departments attended the event.

Helping customers comply with new regulations

July 2016: With the approval of an amendment to the 2014 SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention by the International Maritime Organization's Maritime Safety Committee, mandatory container weight verification came into force. Ensuring compliance with the new regulations, which requires a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declaration for laden export containers, was a key concern for related industries.

HPH Trust, in its role as port service provider, took on the responsibility to ensure the availability of the VGM for laden containers before loading at terminals. Discussion sessions were held to provide our partners with updates on regulatory requirements and the impact on workflow. During the communication session, in-depth discussions were held with carriers and shippers about VGM declarations. These sessions served as a great platform for the Trust to strengthen customer relationships. Shortly after:

  • Yantian carried out pioneering work to raise awareness of the issue in the industry, conducting a SOLAS workshop in partnership with the leading home improvement retailer Lowe's, shipping lines and third-party logistics companies. The workshop was designed to ensure key stakeholders are familiar with and ready to comply with the SOLAS convention. Around 250 Lowe's suppliers attended.
  • Yantian participated in more than 10 workshops held by shipping lines, to present information on the VGM declaration and to promote its weighing service.
  • HIT organised a weighing trial with digital camera manufacturer Canon to explore the possibility of collaboration in compliance with SOLAS.

TPM Asia 2016 conference
October 2016: This financial year marked Yantian's 10th year as a platinum sponsor of the TPM Asia Conference, which is the essential conference for container shipping and logistics professionals to understand and discuss the issues facing the Asia-Europe, trans-pacific and intra-Asia container markets.

International Logistics and Transportation Fair
October 2016: Yantian participated in the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. Representatives from Yantian were on hand to showcase the company's "Smart, Green and World- Class Port" vision, and to highlight its geographical advantages, advanced use of technology and green port initiatives.

Building relationships through golf
October 2016: During the Trust's annual Golf Day, key management staff spent a day out golfing with their clients, as a way to build and strengthen relationships. This year's Golf Day culminated in an "Oktoberfest" themed dinner party.

1.3 Visitors

The Trust welcomes VIPs, foreign and local dignitaries, and ministry officials for guided tours of its advanced port facilities. These tours represent an invaluable opportunity for us to share our insights on the evolving business landscape and to highlight our innovative technical capabilities.

Oman delegation visits Yantian and HIT
February 2016: Sultanate of Oman's Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning, and Chairman of Sohar Industrial Port Company, H.E. Sultan Salim Said Al Habsi, led a delegation on a tour of the Trust's facilities in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. HPH Trust introduced the company's latest developments and services to the delegation.

Minister of Environmental Protection visits Yantian
April 2016: Yantian Managing Director Patrick Lam hosted the People's Republic of China's Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Chen Jining, and the Mayor of Shenzhen, Mr. Xu Qin, on a yard tour of Yantian's facilities. The tour highlighted the company's terminal developments, innovative shore power facilities and green initiatives.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group visit
May 2016: Mr. Cai Shenkang, General Manager, Vice President and Vice Party Secretary of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group visited Yantian.

Yantian hosts Minister of Human Resources and Social Security
September 2016: Mr. Ai Xuefeng, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen, and Mr. Du Ling, Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Yantian District Committee, accompanied Mr. Qiu Xiaoping, Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security of China, and his delegation toured the Yantian facilities.

1.4 Employees

Our human capital is invaluable in ensuring business continuity and sustained growth. We continuously engage our team members to seek feedback, and provide opportunities for our employees to develop their careers with us. We believe that training and communication are crucial to retaining talent and maintaining a committed and effective workforce.

General Managers Open Day
June 2016: Yantian Managing Director Patrick Lam and other general managers engaged and exchanged views with 60 employees during a gathering aimed at sustaining strong relationships between senior management and staff.

Caring for staff during the heat
July/August 2016: In the hot summer months of July and August, Yantian's managers distributed gifts and fruits to 6,500 staff, including contractors, to show their appreciation and to motivate staff at work.

Family outing is a staff favourite
July/September/ November 2016: HIT's Sports & Recreation Committee, on behalf of the Trust's business units in Hong Kong, organised a variety of activities and annual gatherings for staff and their families, To cater to the diverse interests of different age groups, participants were offered a variety of programmes to choose from , including a summer movie, Halloween Preview Night, and a hiking trip plus lunch buffet. Around 2,400 employees and family members participated in these activities.

Staff's family members visit terminal
October 2016: Family members of ACT and COSCO-HIT staff were given a tour of the terminals, office areas and Operations Control Tower, through which they gained a better understanding of the port's day-to-day operations, as well as the roles and responsibil ities of the different staff groups.

Family Fun Day
November 2016: Yantian held a Family Fun Day at Splendid China & China Folk Culture Village For more than 9.000 employees, customers, contractors and their Family members. After an opening ceremony which also highlighted the company's recent rebranding, a series of activities followed: a family talent contest, a dragon boat race and garden games. These activities fostered teamwork and company spirit in a fun and friendly environment.

Business unit bonding
November 2016: Table tennis and snooker tournaments are examples of sports competitions within HPH Trust. These friendly competitions were seen as channels to build networks and strengthen staff relations among business units. Throughout the year, more than 150 staff participated in informal gatherings, games and activities. Many participants established new friendships with colleagues from a different business unit.

Town hall meetings
2016: HIT held town hall meetings twice during the year, involving management and more than 1,000 staff each time. In these meetings, HIT Managing Director Gerry Vim shared insights on the company's business strategy, applauded achievements, openly discussed some of the challenges faced by the business, and provided updates on green, safety and health initiatives.

1.5 Suppliers And Vendors

The Trust adheres to policy standards with a strict selection process for its vendors and suppliers. The overall assessment takes into account key performance metrics such as quality of services and products, pricing reasonableness, professional ethics and conduct, as well as past and present performance.

1.6 Government

To ensure smooth, long-term operations. the Trust strives to stay abreast of the latest local, regional and industrial regulations through active engagement with local and regional authorities. We respect the local and industfial legal frameworks, and remain mindful and vigilant of the various compliance requirements.