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Environmental, Social And Governance Report
(Extracted From Annual Report 2017)

As a long-term player in the industry, it is important that we conduct our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We are proud of our achievements and will continue to uphold best practices and drive innovation to ensure our sustainable long-term growth.

ESG Management

Driving Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") performance is the responsibility of HPH Trust's Exco, led by our CEO and overseen by the Board of Directors. At an operational level, our operations, engineering, commercial and human resources functions manage and monitor the effectiveness of our approach.


HPH Trust undertakes various activities throughout the year to foster strong and dynamic professional relationships with different stakeholder groups, which include unitholders, customers, suppliers, financial institutions and employees. We are committed to ensuring effective and transparent stakeholder interactions; to better addressing and understanding specific stakeholder concerns; and to making business decisions that create the most sustainable value for all.

In order to ensure HPH Trust focuses on the most important issues as part of its strategic approach to sustainability, this year we actively engaged with our employees and management team to understand their perception and expectations on a series of important environmental and social topics. This employee engagement was the opportunity for HPH Trust to gather valuable feedback on our ESG management.

Over 140 employees participated along with representatives from the senior management and the Exco. Findings from this engagement fed into our first sustainability materiality assessment.

Employee Engagement Outreach

  • Review sustainability practices for container port industry and global peers
  • Engage with internal stakeholders on sustainability topics to establish the importance of topics to stakeholders
  • Discussions with the senior management and the Exco


  • Review key findings of the stakeholder engagement
  • Map the most important topics for stakeholders and the business
  • Develop a matrix and confirm the material sustainability topics


Our first sustainability materiality assessment was performed in December 2017 to determine the most relevant and important sustainability topics for HPH Trust across both our Hong Kong and mainland China operations. Topics of importance to our stakeholders were determined through our outreach and engagement with our employees, while topics of significance to our business were determined through discussion with our sustainability team and review with the Exco. Topics of both high importance to our stakeholders and high significance to our business are considered material.

Our material topics have been considered and signed off by the Board. Based on these material topics, we are collecting relevant qualitative and quantitative data and information. The material gathered will undergo detailed analysis, the findings of which will be used to review policies and management approaches and detail future plans and performance for inclusion in our sustainability report.

Sustainability Report

HPH Trust is in the process of developing its first standalone sustainability report in adherence to the SGX Listing Rule 711A, and with reference to the primary components set out in Listing Rule 711B. The report highlights the economic, environmental and social aspects of our port operations focusing on our material topics, and is being prepared in reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: core option. The standalone sustainability report is expected to be released and published in the second half of 2018 and can be accessed from our corporate website.