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ACT : Terminal 8 West at Kwai Tsing Port, Hong Kong
CK Hutchison : CK Hutchison Holdings Limited
COSCO-HIT : Terminal 8 East at Kwai Tsing Port, Hong Kong
Deep-water container port : Any port that has the ability to accommodate a fully laden vessel with a capacity in excess of 8,000 TEU
DPU : Distribution per Unit
HIT : Terminals 4, 6, 7 and two berths in Terminal 9 at Kwai Tsing Port, Hong Kong
Hutchison Ports : Hutchison Port Holdings Limited
HICT : Huizhou International Container Terminals
Jiangmen Terminal : Jiangmen International Container Terminals Limited
Mega-vessel : A vessel with a capacity in excess of 10,000 TEU
Nanhai Terminal : Nanhai International Container Terminals Limited
nGen : The Next Generation Terminal Management System, Hutchison Port Holdings' proprietary, scalable, and customer-oriented terminal management system that streamlines port processes, improves the efficiency of port operations and enhances information exchange with shipping lines by integrating with their systems
OMS : Operations Monitoring System, which is a system that monitors yard operations including inventory distribution and container movement status
River Ports : River ports in Nanhai, Jiangmen and Zhuhai Jiuzhou, PRC
River Ports Economic Benefits : The economic interest and benefits of the River Ports, including all dividends and any other distributions or other monies payable to HPH or any of its subsidiaries in its capacity as a shareholder of the relevant holding company of the River Ports arising from the profits attributable to the business of the River Ports and all sale or disposal proceeds derived from such businesses, assets, rights and/or liabilities constituting any part of the business of the River Ports as agreed with HPH and any of its subsidiaries
RTGC : Rubber-tyred gantry cranes
TEU : Twenty-foot equivalent unit, based on the dimensions of a cargo container 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet 6 inches high, with a maximum load of 24 tonnes
Throughput : A measure of container handling activity. The two main categories of throughput are O&D, which is also often referred to as import and export, and transshipment. Every container shipped by sea is by definition an export container at the origination terminal and an import container at the destination terminal. A container that is transferred from one ship to another at some point during the journey is said to be transshipped, which gives rise to transshipment throughput at an intermediate terminal somewhere between the load terminal and the discharge terminal. Throughput includes the handling of imports, exports, empty containers and transshipments
West Port : West Port Phase I and West Port Phase II
YICT : Yantian International Container Terminals, which comprises YICT Phases I & II, YICT Phase III, YICT Phase III Expansion, and West Port
YICT Phases I & II : Yantian International Container Terminals Phases I and II
YICT Phase III : Yantian International Container Terminals Phase III
YICT Phase III Expansion : Yantian International Container Terminals Phase III expansion project