Workplace Safety

HPH Trust places great emphasis on safety in the workplace and is a long-time advocate of road safety.

This year HIT continued its support of the Road Safety Campaign organised by Kwai Tsing District Council Road Safety Committee. HIT ran a game booth at the Road Safety carnival, which raised local residents' awareness on road safety issues.

To promote the highest standards of health and safety practice for employees, contractors and visitors at HIT, the Trust was delighted to sign the Occupational Safety Charter certificate. The Certificate was presented on 16 February 2012 jointly by the Occupational Safety and Health Council and the Labour Department of Hong Kong and is a declaration of workplace safety in all business activities.

Public awareness is critical in promoting safety, and HIT contributed towards this by sponsoring the Safety Quiz 2012, organised by the Occupational Safety and Health Council, to raise public awareness on occupational safety and health issues. The Quiz was held on 16 September 2012 at the Council's Occupational Safety and Health Academy.

On 29 June 2012, HIT co-organised a Container Terminals Safe Driving Quiz with the other four terminal operators in Hong Kong to raise the driving safety awareness of all terminals personnel. A total of 16 teams from the organizing companies and their contractors joined the quiz.

Staff performing regular check to ensure workplace safety


Care for the environment is also a priority and the Trust continually reviews its sustainability and green practices.

Pioneering the latest technology in clean energy
YICT is a pioneer to use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to power its fleet of container tractors in China. YICT signed an agreement with China National Offshore Oil Corporation for it to supply LNG to the terminal's LNG tractors in March 2012. The terminal has 210 LNG-powered tractors in operation at the end of 2012, which emit 82% less particulate matters than diesel-powered container tractors of the same horsepower.

To reduce port emissions and save fuel, YICT also uses electric powered Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGCs). Currently YICT has 150 electric RTGCs in addition to their 19 hybrid RTGCs, which run on both electricity and diesel and reduce fuel and carbon emissions by 40%.

HIT also uses hybrid RTGCs and recently took delivery of ten new cranes. The ten cranes are one-over-six models, with a lifting capacity of 41 tonnes, and are fitted with a battery which stores and releases energy during the cycle of operation. This brings HIT's total fleet of RTGCs to 152, including 71 hybrid RTGCs.

New order of ten hybrid RTGCs at HIT in February 2013

Sharing and exchanging green ideas
YICT's Environment Week ("Week"), which began on 28 March 2012, is organised to share ideas and initiatives on green port concepts with staff, customers, associates and the community. One of the activities held during the Week was a quiz game where staff need to use information from display boxes to answer various environmental questions. YICT staff were also shown a documentary film explaining the state of the world's oceans and the future of the planet.

YICT also encourages employees to implement green initiatives in their daily life, such as recycling and reusing paper and switching off lights when they are not in use. YICT employees can also provide suggestions to conserve energy or protect the environment, many of which are incorporated into regular company practices, such as reusing rain water for irrigation.

Contributing towards marine conservation
Being mindful of the environment that it operates in, YICT takes proactive action to help preserve the marine population as well. On 8 June 2012, YICT together with the Shenzhen Agriculture and Fishery Bureau released over seven million fish fingerlings into the waters of Yantian Port. Now in its fourth year of releases, this event has seen over 30 million fingerlings released into the port.

For more information about the health and sustainability, please access the websites of HIT and YICT.

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